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    Creating & Maintaining An Organised Home In 2022

    January is one of our favourite months of the year here at Alexandria Homemaker Centre as we are feeling inspired to organise and redecorate our homes after the holiday period of excess, gift-giving and entertaining. To ensure you set yourself and your family up for a successful and calming year, we recommend implementing some systems and tools in your home to stay organised and on top of things. Today we are sharing with you our favourite tips and tricks for not only creating but maintaining an organised home in 2022. We look forward to seeing you in the centre soon to help you with all your home organising and decorating needs!

    Declutter Whilst You Are Inspired

    January is the perfect time to take advantage of that new year energy and channel that inspiration into decluttering your home. If you are still struggling to find inspiration, then we recommend flicking on Netflix and watching the Marie Kondo series, The Home Edit series, or The Minimalism documentary to ignite the motivation within you.  Write a list of each area or room of the house that needs a declutter and simply get started. You’ll find that once you take that first step in sorting through your spaces, momentum will take effect and you may even enjoy the process. The best method is to take everything out of the area, zone, cupboard or drawer that you are organising and sort into piles of ‘keep’, ‘donate’ or ‘throw away’. From there you can work out what storage solutions you require to make the areas more functional in maintaining an organised space. Head into stores such as Spotlight and James Lane for a variety of containers and beautiful baskets to help you on your organisation journey.

    Create Systems That Work For You

    The key to maintaining an organised home is to create systems that work for you and your family. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen a beautiful mudroom storage setup in the laundry on Pinterest, if each member of the family drops their shoes and bags by the front door upon entering each time. The trick is to implement systems that enhance your routine and what you are already in the habit of doing to allow for organisation within this. For example, if all shoes and bags are dumped next to the front door each day, then this is the area that needs a system in place. We suggest creating drop zones for each item in the form of storage solutions to create a neat and tidy look. You could try a storage unit that has pull-out baskets for shoes and slots for school bags and handbags. We also love adding a bowl to the top of a unit to drop keys, swipe cards and mail at the end of the day. Systems like this can be created in the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and most rooms of the house to enhance your daily routines and ensure efficiency and order within a busy home.


    Get The Whole House On Board

    Maintaining systems and organisation within a home function best when all family members are on board and understand the flow and expectations. When organising your home and creating systems it is essential to talk through what you have created with each member of the household to ensure they understand. Have an open mind and be encouraging for yourself and your family when adjusting to new organisational systems as it may take some time for things to become a habit. As mentioned in the above paragraph, systems work best when they enhance the routine and habit that already exists. The key to having an organised and functional home is to be flexible and adjust when necessary. Finding what organisational tools and storage solutions work best for your family and trying an alternative when thigs aren’t working will transform the functionality and organisation of your home.

    Maintenance Is Key

    A common misconception when it comes to organisation, is that it can be completed once, and things never need to be touched again. However, the key to maintaining an organised home in the long term is decluttering, sorting and reviewing your systems often to ensure they are working efficiently. When organisational systems are in place, this process becomes super quick and can be completed in no time at all. We recommend setting a reminder on your phone for everything 3 months to ‘review and maintain home organisation’. At this time, you can have a quick declutter and sort through your spaces, relabel anything new, purchase new storage baskets or containers if required and swap out seasonal clothes and home décor. This step is the most important when it comes to eliminating any overwhelm and maintaining an organised home for the long term.

    If you are after some more inspiration when it comes to storage solutions and maintaining an organised home, then head into Alexandria Homemaker Centre this weekend. Our friendly staff at a variety of retailers would love to help you find solutions and assist in creating a more beautiful and functional home for you and your family.

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